Serious hog damage on a Georgia pine plantation

 Hog rooting in a Rhine, Ga agriculture field
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Wild Hog Control

Rodney D. (Pulaski county farmer)

    Joey and Dean has help me on my hog problem tremendously, I could not ask for any  better service,  they come whenever I call night or day. Their tactics and equipment are unmatched to anyone in the area.
                      Thanks again,


Scott Holder- ( Holder Farms)

  I called these guys, they came quickly, scouted the area, devised a plan and the rest is history. Great job and great equipment, I highly recommend Joey and Dean. If you have a hog problem Blue Ghost Outfitters is your company.
                       Thanks, Scott

   Georgia farmers and landowners are facing a feral hog crisis of epidemic proportions, past solutions to the feral hog crisis has failed to work. Joey and Dean Willard owners of Blue Ghost Outfitters have several solutions to effectively control your hog problems. One solution is using generation 3 night vision scopes and DPMS AR-10 rifles. Using this precise and tactical technique they scan the fields at night when the hogs are out feeding the most. They devise a tactical plan for harvesting the most hogs possible. While the night vision tactics works the best  the majority of the year, there are times when dogging and trapping works better. They also employ these techniques also.  At Blue Ghost Outfitters they are dedicated to controlling your feral hog crisis in a tactical and safest way possible, so if you are a farmer or landowner tired of seeing your profits lost to the feral hog,  give Joey and Dean a call to see if your land qualifies for their free hog control operations.