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Ocmulgee Wild Hog Hunting 
Abbeville, Ga
 Blue Ghost Outfitters
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  We have some of the best wild hog and trophy boar hunting in the state of Georgia, along the historic Ocmulgee River system around Abbeville, Ga. We have many large farms along the river system which affords us the opportunity to put our hunters on some of the best free range spot and stalk wild hog hunting in the state of Georgia. The Ocmulgee River system is a vast travel corridor for wild hogs and we see new groups of hogs on just about every hunt.  The combination of the Ocmulgee River and  fertile crop lands makes for the perfect areas for the best wild hog and trophy boar action in Georgia. If 100% fair chase spot and stalk is you style of hunting then we have the perfect place to be, the Ocmulgee.