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Hog Hunting at it Best!!!
Dean & Joey Willard (owners of BGO) 

 Rodney Dawson, Pulaski county farmer


 Two Georgia Trophy Boars in One Night


Dustin & Dustin out of Eastman,Ga got these while hunting in a peanut field 

 Joey(owner) and Dustin Thomas with a cotton field boar

Curtis & Nick(Jacksonville,Fl.) Second Hunt 

Curtis & Nick with a Big Abbeville, Ga Boar 

Kelly & Joe Martin from Missouri

Myles Donnell, Jeff Diederich, Brett Strenad- Marion, IL. 

Father and son team Don & Chris Deater teamed up for a successful night vision and dog combo hunt. 

Joey Willard(owner/guide) with a nice spotted boar hog!! 

Ray liddic, Michael Geppi and Brent Whitmore(Maryland) with a few nice Georgia hogs.

Ken Lawler and Tim Grizzard(Georgia)- Couple hogs for the freezer!
A couple of Missouri fireman Ryan Groce and David Lawrence with a couple nice hogs!!!
Barry Harston & Wes Daughtridge(NC)- Had a great night with some big peanut eating hogs.
 The Beckhams(Ga)- Great night of shooting, ended the night with 4 nice Georgia hogs.
Tony Padgett(Huntin The Night Outdoors)- A Great Georgia Trophy!!

James & Mathew Wyatt and Chuck Carter did an excellant job on taking out some Abbeville, Ga hog.
Chuck Carter with a big Georgia bruiser boar hog

Pascale Crew (Pa)- A few Abbeville, Ga hogs for a cold January night.

 Georgia Hog Hunts- Blue Ghost Outfitters


 David, Curtis and Newt From Jacksonville,Fl

Roger & Jacob (Warner Robins, Ga) Tagged teamed for a great night of shooting 

 Jersey Firemen Pat, Jon and Pat with a Georgia Trophy Boar

John McKeehan(Georgia) & Cody Wyatt(Texas)- Great night vision hog hunt in Abbeville,Ga 

Walter & John Coleman( Missouri)- Couple of nice boar hogs!! 

 John Colvin and Grandson John Kline(Georgia) on successful night vision hog hunt.

 Frank Harvey and Rodney Shaner(Pa)- A few nice hogs for the freezer.
Robert & Jason (Kings Mtn, NC) Strikes again with another great Georgia hog hunt. 

 Dennis and  Steve(Florida)- A few Georgia hogs for the freezer.

 Mike and Ken(Illinois)- Some nice hog action for a one night hog hunt, ended with 6 for the night.
Jeremy(Fl)- A  great Georgia trophy boar for sure, growing them big around Abbeville!!   Jeremy(AL) & Jeremy(Fl)- A couple nice hogs for the freezer and a great trophy for the wall!!
The Cypress crew(Maryland) with a GIANT Georgia boar and a few for the freezer.

Josh Gould & Brad Daniels (Pa) with Big Georgia Brusier Boar Hog. Josh Gould & Brad Daniels(Pa) Great night of night vision hog hunting in Georgia.

One Night Wild Hog Hunt in Abbeville,Ga

Pat H. Macclenny,Fl -  Two Ocmulgee River Wild Hogs

Wild Hog Hunting with a Georgia Outfitter

Big Georgia Boar Caught In Corn Field While Dogging

A Georgia Trophy Boar for Sure!!

Good sow we got with the dogs

David & Gary (aka CITY BOYS) Great night on the Ocmulgee River 

 Northern friends with southern hogs

Robert Bolin & Brandon White (Kings Mtn, NC.) A few Abbeville, Ga hogs.

Cody Wyatt(Texas)- Nice sow with a knife! 

 Jeff Collins(Tennessee) Shot a nice Blue/Grey Boar Hog!!

Jeremy and Loren (Missouri)- Had a great night on a Georgia hog hunt.  

 Frank Harvey and Rodney Shaner(Pa)- with couple nice Georgia hogs!!!

Nelson & Keith (New Jersey)- A very productive 2 night Georgia hog hunt,ended w/ 12 for 2 nights
 Sylte brothers and Todd Boeve did some great shooting for hogs on the run!!!
Another big old Georgia bruiser of a boar!!(Steve  & Sarah Lucas and Chris Philipp) Steve & Sarah Lucas(D.C.) and Chris Philipp(FL)- An outstanding night of night vision hog hunting.
Jeff Cole & Nik Yacobi with a true Georgia Giant Trophy Boar Hog!!Yacobi Crew(Md) Not a bad night for bad weather and severe winds-Hunted long and hard & was rewarded